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Posted at 6:32 PM on Wednesday 20 July 2011
Sunanda.... i am still finding the scared to go in the kitchen
Posted at 6:33 PM on Wednesday 20 July 2011
Posted at 6:35 PM on Wednesday 20 July 2011
i thnk ur neighbours must be fighting at dat time...
n heard the voice of utencils wich they were throwing at each other....
Posted at 6:44 PM on Wednesday 20 July 2011
Haahahahha Good guess Aniket by the way we don't have our neighbours
Posted at 7:06 PM on Wednesday 20 July 2011
hey u live in jungle or wat???...
dont have neighbour means....
aisi koi place bhi he kya mumbai me???
Posted at 11:52 AM on Thursday 28 July 2011
I hope this story is chilling i was when i heard it from my friend:


An incidence that happened in Panvel a place just in vicinity of Mumbai.

Ashish was working in a nightshift in a new opened petrol pump when something very strange happened. The petrol pump was off the Panel express way toward a few mile from any nearest house or road so any intruder was no a possible chance. The only nearest person could have been the watchman who would guard off the compound. He had a friend who would be sleeping in the petrol pump as the caretaker of the place.

As a fact that Ashish had purchased an 2nd hand Maruti 800 car for 45 K in a pretty decent deal and a good condition. He would be so possessive about it that the car would always be parked in a place little far away from the petrol pump. He was pretty thankful to his watchman for helping him with such an amazing car deal.

Ashish would stay with his brother and his family and was working his way out to look for a new apartment since he was pretty new to the city and it was very troublesome for his brother to bear all his expenses.

What happened next was even more disturbing for Ashish; he got to hear from his friends that the car he has purchased was of a drunkard bastard who had raped a girl in the car. It seems the guy was found dead in 2 months in the same car due to a heart attack. Now it was a month that he bought this new car and he got to know of this news.

However scary this news was, Ashish laughed it out since he more of an atheist was, he wouldn’t have believed on any such supernatural power till he experienced it himself.

One such night while Ashish set off to work in this car, it broke down 2 miles away from the petrol pump of unknown reasons. He waited for a 10 mins just to check if the engine would cool down but as soon as he realized his wait was just no worth; he set out walk-in towards the pump parking his car away.

Walking for half a mile on the highway Ashish realized that his new apartment papers which he had kept in the car, he walked back to fetch them for fear of losing the deal. As he just turned he saw the car was just 10 yards away. The headlights were blinking on and off. He started walking towards the car and the car went reverse at the same speed. However hard he tried he couldn’t fetch the car. He covered 3 miles to see the car finally stopped in middle of a dense outskirt of grass. He was dubious if he should switch a step forward to the car. As soon as he stepped the door of the car opened by it. Amidst the dark night and the silence this killed his conscience when a gust of wind blew with a moaning of a girl in pain...

What happened next would actually shake you up,

He just cleared the dust in his eyes which shattered with the wind. He found something was holding him down... As he cleaned his eyes it was a 5 yr old girl who was holding his legs tightly. The hair was all open and the girl was crying in pain... Ashish could not wait one second here and rushed towards his car and sat it… and tried starting the car to get away from the situation. He managed to drive the car to the petrol pump. On his way he was called by an angry lady sitting on his backseat. He looked behind and she blasted the same wind form her mouth which shook him off. It took him 15 mins during the time to reach the petrol pump that night.

Next day morning Ashish was arrested for killing the watchmen very brutally. The camera recorded him speaking in a lady’s tone to the watchman; assassinating him with a knife right in the center of his head.

When investigated of Ashish was clueless of this and took the police officials to show where his car had stopped he found that there was a petrol leak in the car and to his surprise the car was just in the same position as he had left it there. Ashish wondered what was it that he drove to reach the petrol pump then.

Further investigations to the case figured out that the watchman was a friend of the same old drunkard who had raped this lady and killed her. On the way to getting her chopped body disposed the same car had run over a girl crossing the highway.

Shocking! Isn’t it and then they say it’s just another story
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