Ghost Stories » good read ..for ghost stories :)

Posted at 12:22 PM on Wednesday 13 July 2011
The terror just mounts and mounts." Stephen King
"The scariest book I've ever read.... It crawls under your skin and into your dreams." Chicago Sun-Times
"Frightening enough to jolt the most jaded ghost story addict." The Washington Post Book World
"I jumped six inches... when someone came up behind the chari where I was reading it and announce that dinner was ready." The New York Times
"Gave me bad dreams the first night out... the best thing of its kind since Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House." Newsweek
"One of the most terrifying novels I've ever read.... Straub does a superb job." Publishers Weekly
"So scary you'll turn up the lights.... One can be literally scared to death.... Vibrates with energy and horror." The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
"This book is a haunting in itself... Not since Edgar Allen Poe has an author taken such liberties with his readers' nerves.... A masterwork of horror." Cosmopolitan
"Suddenly we are caught up, curius, seeing patterns and believing in evil forces.... It not only entertains, but... tells us something about ourselves." Baltimore News America
"One of the most frightening novels you will ever read... GHOST STORY won't be easy to forget. In fact, ti just might find its way into your wildest dreams." The Dallas Morning News
"Terrifying... No one... will want to put it down." Boston Herald American
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