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The State Level Administration and Policy Making- Challenges and Change

This is a research report on The State Level Administration and Policy Making- Challenges and Change uploaded by Amit Bhushan in category: All Documents »  Economics »  Macro-Economics section of our research repository.
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With a political party on steroids in the post national election scenario, the politics at the level of States is bound for change as well as a result of power struggle. Different parties in power in different state would take a re-look at the repercussions of the vote-share in the state that led to their debacle and supported rise of the current governing party at center. Efforts to align with voters may be kick-started including opportunities to stoke passions to hide mal-governance issues including cases of omissions and commissions. The changes taking place in the polity itself is being tackled in sporadic manner with state level politicians still trying to come to terms with the colossal change at the state level and unsure if it means any likely change in politics of the states. The top leadership at the state levels are generally occupying the administrative/executive positions in state ministries and are not keen to encourage changes in a hurry since that is likely to lead to dilution of authority due to intense intervention by legislators concerned with administrative machinery of the states. It is incumbent upon state rulers to initiate and enhance development of state level institutional mechanisms rather than adhocism mix with chauvinism that has been the hallmark governance at state level in India, inspite of t being a vibrant democracy. This is an urgent imperative if the current sets of rulers want to have any chance in state elections because any development is likely to take a few years to fructify while creation of institution and top level hierarchy is rather easier to conceive and develop over a short run.

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