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Olay Case Study

This is a research report on Olay Case Study  uploaded by Ayesha Shaikh in category: All Documents »  Case Study »  Current Trends and Cases in Retail Management section of our research repository.
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Tags: analysis , Anti-agers are perceived as recession-proof by some market players , with launches rising substantially in 2009 , Consumers have a strong desire for anti-aging skincare products , Market players seek differentiation with innovative anti-aging products , Olay is the leading brand in the US facial skincare market
• Anti-aging skincare is the largest category in the US facial skincare market, worth over $2 billion in 2009. The
category is perceived as recession-resistant by industry players due to the continued desire of consumers to
maintain their skincare regimes even in weaker financial markets, particularly if this will maintain the
appearance of youth.
• Procter & Gamble's (P&G’s) Olay brand is the leading facial skincare brand in the US. The company hascapitalized on the success of Olay by developing numerous sub-brands which encompass products at a
variety of price points, aimed to attract consumers with different budgets.
• The most recent Olay sub-brand to reach the market is Olay Pro-X, which marks the company's first entry into
the premium skincare category. Priced at a similar level to high end brands, the product aims to appeal toconsumers with an independently verified, effective anti-aging formula which has been well received by boththe media and industry experts.


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